VulnerableWin is an ambitious, roll-up-your-sleeves initiative designed to create incremental changes in how we think about each other, how we communicate, how we turn our vulnerability into strength and kindness, through education, art, and direct experiences. 60% of it is love, 35% is patience, and 5% is everything else.

In the past two years, our nation has become so anxious and divided that restoring the art of heart-to-heart dialogue is almost an emergency.

The purpose of VulnerableWin is creating direct experiences that make it emotionally obvious to both participants and observers that bullying is not necessary for the survival of one’s identity.

It is about to talking to each other as humans, over disagreements and across different echo chambers.

The inaugural live conversation will take place on April 21 at the Sixth Street Community Center in East Village. The topic is ‘Art, Technology, Progress, and Bleeding Noses: Who Gets to Be Sacrificed?’

Our society approves of technological progress unconditionally. But who gets to define the terms on which we embrace the change? On the one side, we have enthusiasm and near unlimited possibilities for technological improvement. On the other side – severely disfigured creative industries, legal loopholes, loss of income, and unemployment. Each side is represented by real people with hearts, bills to pay, and an innate desire of happiness, dignity, and fulfillment. Talking to each other and comparing the notes is a good place to start.

When & Where: April 21 | 1pm-3pm | Sixth Street Community Center | 638 East 6th Street, New York NY 10009 | Free admission | RSVP

Presenters: Sarah Barrick, Eric Goodman, Kit Krash, Pat McAndrew, Alexey “Immorta” Potapov; moderator: Tessa Lena

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Art, technology, progress, and bleeding noses: who gets to be sacrificed? | presenters



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